Proofreading texts in English

We also proofread, revise, edit, and improve English texts translated by our customers from German, or passages written directly in English by non-native speakers.

The following few examples demonstrate the typical modifications we make to texts that are understandable. For simple corrections like spelling or punctuation, we usually recommend that you do it yourself using a good spell checker.

However, if we deem that the quality of the submitted text in English is too poor, we will request the German source text or suggest translating it from scratch. The latter is generally cheaper and better for you, the customer.

For our proofreading rates, please see fees.

Source text from customer

Improved by premier translations

The company focus was redirected at commercial sector for living and industrial real estate, while separate companies were founded for each specific project planned.

The company’s focus was redirected at the commercial sector for residential and industrial real estate, while separate ventures were set up for each property planned.

It is with our hearts that we would like to thank you personally for your continued support and with our heads trust that this prominent notebook launch will be a successful enterprise for both of our companies.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and trust that this striking notebook launch will evolve into a mutually successful enterprise for both our companies.

Changing a design has often made you angry. Now it makes you smile.

Design changes are often frustrating, but now you can sit back and relax.

We are coming from a three year strong performance period in our countries AA, BB, and CC. We are being awarded as “Great place to work” for years in row. And with the best people in the industry, we are without any doubt in a very attractive position for the upcoming years and the inevitable upturn.

We have just completed three years of strong performance in our countries – AA, BB, and CC. For several years in a row we have won the “Great place to work” award. Add the best people in the industry, and we are undoubtedly in a very attractive position for the inevitable upturn ahead.

There are challenges ahead in the distribution business - with oil prices effecting transportation cost and currency fluctuations influencing the already pressured average selling prices. Still, there are great opportunities to achieve profitable growth in the channel and we believe that by partnering we will achieve this common goal. 

We face challenges in the distribution business: high oil prices are pushing up transportation costs, while exchange rates are putting further pressure on selling prices. Yet we can leverage great opportunities and partnering to focus our joint efforts on profitable growth in sales.

The XXX custumer that is renting a car anywhere in Germany should know that he can express any wish (for example: his wife has birthday, he is renting a car in Hamburg and his wife is in Munich. He tells to the XXX employe to send flowers to his wife in Munich. The XXX employe calls the XXX Concierge Services, and they, themsell call for example the  Concierge that is in charge for Munich (responsable Concierges in all major cities have to be announced)and give him the address were the flowers have to be delievered at, the custumer s credit card number and the Concierge in Munich takes care of it.)

XXX customers renting cars in Germany should be aware that XXX also offers ancillary services. For instance, if a man rents a car in Hamburg and his wife in Munich has a birthday, he could request an XXX counter employee to have flowers sent to her. This employee contacts XXX Concierge Services, which forwards the request to the Munich branch (a list of concierges in all major cities should be handy), along with the delivery address and the customer’s credit card details. The Munich concierge handles the order and notifies the customer accordingly.


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