Expertise in high-quality translations from English into German & vice versa

We have undertaken a broad range of English–German translations for a whole host of companies and individuals in a variety of fields. Please see the references and our list of satisfied customers. If you require something special, do not hesitate to get in touch – we are very flexible and can often help out.

  • Business, Management Consulting
  • Law, Legal Documents
  • Finance, Banking
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction
  • Marketing, Publicity, Advertising
  • Exhibitions, Functions
  • Healthcare, Medicine, Medical Systems
  • Résumés, Job Applications
  • Academia, Literature
  • Web Sites, IT, Hardware & Software
  • Tourism, Fashion
  • Gastronomy, Food
  • General correspondence, etc.

In order to demonstrate our expertise, we have compiled a host of translations we rendered from German into English and English into German. For comparison, we included translations done by Google Translate ( and by Bing Translator (, both of which are apparently popular online ‘statistical machine translation’ services. It is clear that such automated translations have come a long way, but they still have a very long way to go before they replace excellent human translators, at least in the English and German language pair. Judge for yourself by clicking German into English translations or English into German translations.

German-English translations