Sample Translations from German into English

The following are examples of German into English translations rendered over the years by us at premier translations. For comparison, in September 2011 we ran the same source texts through the automated translation service, Google Translate. We did not improve or alter the results (, which are shown here as delivered by Google. The other popular online translation service is offered by Microsoft as Bing Translator (; several examples from this are also included.

These passages from German into English are classified by field. Please click a link below to view our translation and/or compare this with the machine translation. We are sure you will realize that an excellent translator is capable of correctly comprehending the source text in German or English, translating subtle nuances, paying attention to the style, and ensuring that the translated product is precise in terms of its accuracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Don’t you agree that a professional human translator is definitely worth the money for the German–English language pair?

Examples of poor to excellent German into English translations

  1. Business
  2. Management consulting
  3. Law
  4. Finance/banking
  5. Engineering/manufacturing/construction
  6. Marketing/PR/publicity/advertising
  7. Exhibitions/functions
  8. Healthcare/medicine/medical technology
  9. Résumés/job applications
  10. Academia/literature
  11. Web sites/IT/hardware/software
  12. Tourism/fashion
  13. Gastronomy/food
  14. General correspondence, etc.
German-English translations