Frequently Asked Questions


ANSWERS Unlike most of the businesses in this field, we specialize in translations in just one language pair - English and German. This permits us to focus our entire effort on providing you, our customer, the full benefits of our wealth of experience and expertise.

We are a group of dedicated translators, each striving to keep the customer happy by producing very high quality English-German translations within a reasonable period of time at fair prices. We don't generate rapid-fire documents with little emphasis on quality, which you may have encountered with firms based abroad in low-wage countries! Our quality assurance team is always involved in checking every German and English translation that leaves our doors, which means you can count on a consistently high standard.

The steadily increasing number of repeat clients - comprising the majority of our customers - speaks for itself!

When we submit a quote, we usually include sample German–English translations (or offer to do a no-cost sample translation for large jobs). These clearly underscore the superb quality of our work, in terms of its accuracy, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We guaranty a translation of the same quality.

Our in-house policy is strict and clear - we accept jobs only when confident of being able to meet our own high quality standards within the desired delivery deadline!

When comparing English–German translation rates among various bidders, you should consider the following:
  • Will the quality of the translated text reflect the high standard of your products or services?
  • Do the minimal savings in translation costs through a low-cost outfit justify any potential damage to your image or the subsequent trouble of having to invest your own valuable and expensive time to make necessary improvements?

Our fee for translation depends on numerous factors like the length of the text, difficulty level, urgency, and format. Our base fee for proofreading and translation ranges from € 1.00/DIN line to € 1.50/line respectively (a DIN line has 55 characters with spaces; please see our Fees for details).

We typically submit a free fixed price quote that covers all such factors, so you do not have to scratch your head to figure out what you'll have to pay. When you place an order with us, you know exactly what your bill will be!

Yes, we currently charge a minimum of € 75 plus VAT (as applicable) for new customers, to cover ancillary administrative expenses.

The turnaround time depends on several factors:
- Length: number of standard lines (or words) to be translated
- Difficulty: basic text vs. highly challenging material
- Format: Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

Small jobs, like a page or so of text, can usually be delivered within a day. Our translators can render roughly 150 to 200 DIN lines per day. However, please keep in mind that all good translators prefer to sleep over their work and review it again before finalizing it. Which means that one should try to avoid rush jobs - but we always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our translators are specialists in each of their fields, often backed with many years of experience in industry or academia. They are usually professionals with university degrees, some have held responsible positions in businesses, and all have been working for many years producing superlative translations from English into German or German into English.

We allocate jobs to translators by matching the person's background/experience to the source material. We have also assembled specialized dictionaries and glossaries over time, and are open to working with a specific glossary/terminology you may like us to use.

We make every effort to avoid such problems by clearing them up with the client, as we come across them. This can occur when the source text (German or English) is unclear, has inherent errors, has been previously translated, or involves specialized terminology. Nevertheless, we are always ready to help sort out any such vagueness or errors prior to delivery, and naturally afterwards too at no extra charge.

We utilize advanced, industry-standard virus scanning software, updated almost daily. All documents are automatically scanned. Moreover, we also maintain backup copies of our English-German translations and client's documents, in case any problems arise. But, if desired, we will shred and delete all your material from our system.

Please note that email transmission, our standard way of communicating with you, is not totally safe. So far, we have not had any virus-related difficulties, but naturally we cannot provide a 100% guaranty.

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